Monday, March 20, 2017

mu summer plans

March 20-2017

Well my gymnastics season is over, sadly. But I plan on doing it again this summer. My sisters and I are go to a gymnastics gym. Its called a back handspring class. sense I all ready have my back handspring I will be learning to do a back full. I will also be helping teaching the younger classes how to do a back handspring and things. I am also gonna go to a gymnastics camp too. I hope to get as much new skills as I can. This summer I really want to get my full or front handspring front tuck.

I really love teaching sisters new skills and how to get them. Last summer my younger sister got her back tuck on the trampoline and her back handspring on the ground I was so proud of her. Also my other younger sister got her front handspring. They both do gymnastics and are both really good at it for there age. I am really proud of them. I also teach my little cousins too they are all so fun to teach. I am really glad I have siblings and cousins that I can teach.

Monday, January 30, 2017

The book I am currently reading is Simon Biles. I love the book so much because it fits my life. Its about her life and her journey on how she became the best gymnast in the world. It is so interesting I i'm finding out so many things that I did not know about her it is really surprising. I am learning so many things. So far in the book I have learned that her mom got into drugs and alcohol and had to go to rehab and she went into foster care. Later her grandmother and grandfather found out and went up and got them. she had like 5 siblings. Then she got into gymnastics and a few years later she became an elite gymnast.

Top 10 Gymnastics Skills

1) A round-off back handspring, its where you jump back to your hands after your round-off.
2) An Ariel, its like a cartwheel but, with no hands.
3) A round-off back tuck, its my favorite cause you get really high in it, if you don't know what it is its like a back-handspring but, with no hands.
4) Handstands, it where you go onto your hands and just stay up.
5) A front walkover, its where you push off with your legs forwards to your hands and then you bring your self up.
6) A standing back tuck, its where you jump back with no hands and flip and land on your feet.
7) A front handspring, it is like a front walkover but you launch off your hands and land with both feet.
8) A front tuck, it is where you jump with both feet and rotate forwards with no hands and you tuck and land with both feet.
9) A cartwheel, it is like an Ariel but with hands.
10) A back half, its like a back tuck but twist in it.  

Friday, September 16, 2016

About me!!!!!!!!!

Hey! Welcome to my blog! I am really excited to share my passion with you. My blog is going to be about gymnastics. I am going to give tips on how to do skills in gymnastics. I've been doing gymnastics scene I was about 5 years old. I am not very high leveled in gymnastics yet but ill get there. In gymnastics i'm working on a round-off back handspring back tuck. If you don't know what a back tuck is it is a back flip. My hardest skill is a standing back tuck.Its my hardest skill cause it takes a lot of momentum. My inspiration is Simon Biles. The reason she is my inspiration cause, she is the only girl that can do a double layout with a half at the end. It is an amazing skill. I want to be able to do that skill someday. I also did competition last year. I wasn't very high leveled last year. My highest score was 7.65. I also got 2nd place in all around. My hardest event is vault. On vault I just do a front handspring. That is about me and what i'm gonna talk about in my blog.

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